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Some say a snake pit is a place of no return and a complete danger zone. And honestly, they're absolutely right. Just think about it, what does playing it safe cost you when to be dangerous brings forth adventure, legacy and life-long lessons? In my world, the snake pit is my dangerous home. A home where I can control the intensity of my strike, hiss and  venomous pen while not allowing external forces to dictate my essence. Not to mention, it's where I grow, harvest and cook my poetry and share my creativity. If you done made it this far, I already got you where I want you. And my negus, to be here... you gotta be a dangerous bad mother shut yo mouf. So please, tread lightly on my heaviness. 


Ya know, when you're named after a venomous snake, you gotta spit that venomous shih every now and then. Given that, my poetry gallery aka "when words bite" is here for all my sKINfolks to get a dose and then some of words that'll leave you levitating. So gone head and unclog them ears and let em absorb something dangerous. 

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