Some say a snake pit is a place of no return and a complete danger zone. And honestly, they're absolutely right. Just think about it, what does playing it safe cost you when to be dangerous brings forth adventure, legacy and life-long lessons? In my world, the snake pit is my dangerous home. A home where I can control the intensity of my strike, hiss and  venomous pen while not allowing external forces to dictate my essence. Not to mention, it's where I grow, harvest and cook my poetry and share my creativity. If you done made it this far, I already got you where I want you. And my negus, to be here... you gotta be a dangerous bad mother shut yo mouf. So please, tread lightly on my heaviness. 


Ya know, when you're named after a venomous snake, you gotta spit that venomous shih every now and then. Given that, my poetry gallery aka "when words bite" will be back in full effect come January '23. So while you wait, slither on to some more dope shih on the site.