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"And that's right Blax (pronounced as  the hue, human and originator), black. However, my name is more than just a name. Rather, blax mamba defines my aura as an artist. Just like a snake, I shed layers of my venomous artistry through poetry. It is there I can manipulate the versatility of my pen game and hook a crowd off of my  performance while releasing a message. Whether that be sultry smooth vibes, that dirty south slanguage, erotic passion or I'm bout to set it off like.... I think you get the picture. Poetry is power and infinite in my vocabulary. Not to mention, it brings light and sharpness when dull pencils lose sight of lines.  When folks find fear in expressing themselves, Blax Mamba is here to assist those with letting that creative energy out unapologetically. So as for my journey with poetry, it gained its seeds when I joined Voices Poetry Group at Florida A&M University.  Since, then, it has blossomed into meditation, determination, dedication, life-changing, self-sustaining, graceful. delightful and a forever tasteful element to my soul. With that being said, let these words fall free into trapped ears. Nevertheless, respect my heART. Ya feel me!"


2x Published Author of poetry books: "The Voyage and Reincarnation"

'Home" Ep est. 2022 

Voices Poetry Group Member, Class of the "Stoop Kids"  2016-2019

Featured on Mocha Books newsletter September 2019


Voices Poetry Group "Crowd Favorite" Award 2017

Voices Poetry Group "Best Poetic Devices" Award 2019

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