"Well aye there my sistas from another mister and brother from another mother! So, since this is my first ever journal entry on the site, let me do the honors by saying thank you for sticking round with me and supporting my craft. As I said before, these journal entries are for yall to gain a deeper perspective behind the scenes and of course, engage in converstation! So, let's dive into my first major poetry visual, Indigenous.  

Indigenous for the first few months of 2021 was a big ole blur. I knew I wanted to create 

a business off of my poetry but I really didn't know how I wanted to go about it. 

For one, I knew what I was capable of and that was....  bars, flow and performance.

But the real question was how to make it so FYE (Florida slang for good or outstanding) that people will pay dollars to be entertained and left thinking. For a lil minute, I couldn't answer the question till I realized that I am the production.

Once my mind was set on such, I completely moved differently regarding my work.

All my creations originate from pen and paper first. I jot down what I want something to look like, sound like, when, where, why and how. Then I reach out to the videographer that can match my energy the greatest and in this case, it was Hopsain. The overall vibe behind Indigenous was of course, to show people the side of Florida that's not the typical portrait such as the beaches and nightlife. I wanted to show the native side of me which is the panhandle. Where it all started, how my name came about and the wisdom I have obtained from numerous experiences in my life whether they're artistical or not. For instance, When you look up what indigenous means, you'll find this: "originating or occurring naturally in a particular place." Basically, it's the exclusive and sacred nature of myself & the surroundings that makeup this visual.  So yea, I wanted to show people really how it is in the panhandle. So I collected all my notes, meetings after meetings, recorded the poem, shot the visual back in May 2021. Come August, Indigenous was born."


Society says a lady never kisses and tells, but is here where Blax Mamba does the complete opposite. Given that, welcome to Blax mamba's "Hiss and Tell" journal entries where I have slither with a virtual conversation or two with my audience regarding the thought process behind my art. 


"Indecisive to Indigenous"

the journal entries 

"You said AFTERTASTE? Chile boo, talking bout pearl clinching! And yes, I really went there folks. Poetry visual, Aftertaste.... was an art piece that had to be expressed to the masses because overall it was my therapy session. Not just for me as an artist but as a human stuck in the vortex of toxic emotions. So, Aftertaste was brought upon by a horrible breakup that had me all the way f***** up! But nah fr, that's how I felt for a very long time following the breakup. But anyway, the whole aspect of this visual stemmed from my feelings, time and energy not being considered in a commitment that I valued as something rare and to me... my "at last" experience. But, being that things didn't go as planned, the emotions that followed came back full circle to how I felt and was treated when my father abandoned me after my parents divorced.

Things such as my abandonment issues, trust issues, low self esteem, lack of faith..... sh** the whole nine yards and couple mo corn fields! Like it really brought back all those unhealed feelings that I started to lose my cap (Florida slang for lose control of mind) even more.

So yea, Aftertaste was hella intense and sh** like that can leave a bad taste in ones heart if anything else especially when it comes to relationships. I was so angry & full of revenge that I was gonna take those broken pieces and cut someone up along the way (poetically lol). So that’s what I did! I had to morph my feelings into a creative outlet to heal in a way that was safe for my sanity and others while getting all the negativity out at my own pace. Pretty much I was DEALING BUT IN SEARCH OF HEALING.  Therefore, I gave myself time to sit , be quiet , cry , yell , cuss , forgive , cuss so more and forgive so more. But most of all I accepted my truth and pressed forward. 

The movies of inspiration tied behind this production were my favs “Acrimony” and “Idlewild”. The vintage look from Idlewild is southern galore to me. And Acrimony is straight up drama, thriller and romance at its finest. Plus, I could relate to Acrimony because I mean let's be honest..... you got me fucked up to think you gonna play with my heart like that.

All in all, Let's just say, Aftertaste was very flavorful regarding tone and delivery but it was needed for the artist and personal side of myself."

MARCH 21, 2022 

"Being Ink-tentional"

"Wassup saints and aints, it's been a minute since I hiss my way into these journal entries especially now that it's a new year!!! But anyways, I wanna put yall on game real quick. I picked up a great habit this year that I feel can benefit the next individual. So, for those who know, I truly enjoy listening and learning from "THE HOOD HEALER" (and if yall don't know who she is, I highly recommend you tune in cuz you missing out on some serious wisdom). One of her posts, she stated how it's important to always write your goals down in ink especially in blue. Blue symbolizes trust, calmness, relaxation, peaceful, inspiration.  I know alot of us like to write our goals down with just the first thing we can get our hands on whether that be an abandoned pen, tore up pencil or even the notes app on our phones, but everything we do has to be intentional in this case, INK-TENTIONAL

I had to make myself unlearn bad habits of mine especially from an artistry standpoint. I love to just grab my phone and write my poems down because for one it's convenient for me. Key word.... "convenient". But if I'm trying to balance my elevation in the new year, my art can't meet its greatest potential by going the easy route. So now, everything I write has to be in ink. I aint gonna lie, sometimes its in blue and others in black. However, it's the matter of writing in ink which is permanent. Once my ideas become words, and words meet ink, and ink meets paper, my art is FOREVER. Never can my art be erased because what dwells inside of this soul is permanent just like that blue or black ink.  Yea it might sound a lil too complex but it's the truth. Move intentionally not conveniently. Since I've been doing such, my words are more felt, powerful and illuminous."

NOVEMBER 1, 2021

"Dealing vs. Healing with Aftertaste"

"Aye there kinfolk! We back in the backwoods finna talk bout something hella good. So, I'm finally gonna give yall some insight on the meaning behind each song on my latest ep "HOME" that dropped like 4 flats on a Cadillac back in June of this year. First off, let me just say thank you for yall allowing me to hiss that smooth soulful southern poetry and music all and up and through yall ears. I truly enjoyed this project from start to finish even when I was in the studio sick as ever... just know, ya girl pulled through and made it happen. Also, big shoutout to an 850 legend, producer and creative genius... Dos Zachys! One thing I always try to incorporate in all of my poetry pieces and songs is a hint of something or someone from my area code. I'm all about giving back and lifting up while I elevate in this thing called life! But anyways, let's coil on in to how this ep "HOME" came about. 

If they didn't tell you by now, just know that Mamba's Home. Instead of touching down to cause hell, I touched down to bring that soular inner g out, amplify a couple prayers or two, boost that confidence, silence unnecessary chatter, stunt like it's a habit and then some. The title home is exactly what it is ... home. All songs and poems were written in the comfort of my home. But, no matter where I go, as long as I got my pen that's where home is for me. At first home was just me doing some writing drills on certain topics or poetic devices. But before I knew it, I realized the drills really had my pen going crazy. So yall know me right? I had to make those words official and add em to the ep. In result, ya girl hissed up 6 works that was a mixture of both poetry, music and an actual conversation.. Those 6 works are:

  • Home (intro)

  • Chief Pen 

  • Nonverbal

  • Soulfood Sunday 

  • Convos with Dos

  • Ms. Absurd 

I wanted people to feel at home but not stagnant in whatever or where ever they are currently in life. Like I said before, this ep was just a whole bunch of words in writing drills. I was literally challenging myself to get out the norm of my own writing abilities but still stay true to who and what I am artistically. Because of that, what you have in front of you is an ep that's so organic and smooth. And I'm talking Florida Natural Orange Juice no pulp smooth! From start to finish I loved this process. I wrote from the winter season of this year to summer constantly until God told me to stop. I truly listened to my intuition so heavily through this process. I didn't care if my songs didn't match with the regular format of a verse, bridge, chorus and then another verse. I wanted to be free from all forms but the one God placed in my heart to do. And now, I done birthed 6 babies with all different lyrical personalities.


The intro home is just that... welcoming yall into my home. Chief Pen I am talking about my Native American heritage and how its presence is practiced in my daily life. Nonverbal was just me sitting down in the crib talking to God through my mind instead of verbally praying out loudSoulfood Sunday, no lie I was hungry asf and wanted some soul food on a Sunday so I wrote about it lol! Convos with Dos was me and Dos Zachys chopping it up about the work we had created and how I go about creating things from scratch.  And lastly, Ms. Absurd..... she is what we like to call the "Head Beeeeeeeeeep in BARS". So that's my ep "HOME." 

SEPTEMBER 24, 2022

"Mamba's Home"